Pride Opening Ceremony 11-12

Station Domain

10.46 am  Greet Rainbow Express visitors at the Station

10.50 am  Visitors Gather at Muster point

11.00 am  Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony

11.20 am   Welcoming Speeches - Martha Haylett Mp for Ripon,

                        Cl. Grace La Vella Mayor of CGSC and Lucy Roffey CEO CGSC

11.35 am  Rainbow Fabric Selection  

11.45 am  Pride Conga lead by Jungle City Dance Troop with Maryborough  

                        Big band Band into the festival

12.00pm  Festive Opens

Marquee Area12-4pm

During the afternoon make sure you join us for series of conversations that explore family, life, individuality, love, growth, change and community  

12.00  Maryborough Big Band plays in the  marquee  area  

12.20  Drag Queens Gabriella Labucci and Alexis Spread  make a star 

                studded entry                                

12.50   DJ N3ddy T  performs a set of then continues on at the Terrace Cafe 

   1.10   Peach Fuzz                  

   1.40    Join Zara, Adrian and Wayne for a conversation around the Trans & 

                 Gender diverse community      

   1.50   Rose Hearts                                    

   2.20   Join Kade, Adrian and Wayne for a conversation around our local 

                sports clubs and the sporting community 

   2.30   Gabriella and Alexis return for more comedy and performance with

                a delicious twist                             

   2.50   Join Maree, Adrian and Wayne for a great Headspace Conversation     

   3.00   Join the Castlemaine Pride Choir for some spectacular choral work

   3.15   Join Gemma, Adrian and Wayne for a  conversation around our 

                brand new Youth Council

   3.25 Make sure to catch the spectacular Drag Queens final act….then get 

               you photo taken with the starts as they strut their stuff around 

               Pride Festival.                         

Food Court @ Terrace Cafe 12-4pm


1.30  - 2.15  Liv Roffey        

2.20  - 3.10   Peach Fuzz                                    

3.15  - 3.40  Rose Hearts   - The Terrace Cafe Stage closes at 3.45pm

Grand Finale  4-6pm

Kick back and enjoy the start of spectacular finale in the Marquee area with

4.00 pm Highland Society free Happy Platters

4.15 pm Frank Bell  

5.00 pm Louis Froia Band                    

5.50 pm Get together with Jungle City for last song and dance together 

6.00 Good Bye and see you next year.

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