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Production Team:

The Loui Froia Band 

Loui and his band will perform some of the bands successes such as Step Down 

Are you a performer or part of a band? 

Do you support the LGBTIQA+ community?

Think about supporting Pride Festival in Maryborough

         We pay and showcase local performers and artists 

         and support our creative community

Best Venetian Mask Competition

 We will give you a stylish venetian full face masks for you to decorate. Use paint and paper to turn your mask into your fun alter ego. It’s just you and your ideas.

Jungle City Projects Dance Troop

Experience some great dancing and join us as we celebrate community. Jungle City Dancers will show us some easy moves so we can all be part of the action.

Drag Queen Gabriella Labucci

Welcome the fabulous Gabriella Labucci to Pride Festival.  The drag diva on wheels with a hot set of pipes. The hair, the costumes, the  humour, the style ….the sex appeal…. it’s all going to be there at Pride in January.

Best T-Shirt Message Award

Grab a free cool white cotton t shirt and write your own positive Pride messages on the front.













Frank Bell

My pronouns are Rock 'n' Roll. Frank Bell is an extraordinary ball of chaotic energy... with a guitar. Frank will bring you a show that defies all expectation: flying fingers and a voice like velvet and gravel. Frank may have a pretty face, but don't let that fool you. Frank's mix of old school Blues, Folk, Rockabilly and Punk will have you crying, laughing and dancing all in one show.  

Drag Queen Alexis Spread

The totally Edible, Delectable, Spreadable Lady Alexis Spread! Drag artist 

Castlemaine Lesbian and Gay Choir🎶✨

We’re a ragtag bunch of queers from Castlemaine and surrounds who come together on beautiful Dja Dja Wurrung Country to sing for our community 🏳️‍🌈🎶✨

Rose Hearts

Miller Trantor is part of this emerging duo who perform covers from the 80 to the 2020’s. Rose Hearts are skilfully promoted by FReeZA who bring this talented duo to Pride Festival

DJ N3ddy T

Ned Thompson as DJ N3DDY T produces 'edm', 'emotional dance music' - electronic music mixed with emotional chord progressions 

and soundscapes. DJ N3DDY T makes music with the sole intention of being able to express his emotions through sound, whether it be the hurt of a heartache or the joys of the highs of life. N3ddy T is promoted by FReeZA who present this talented DJ  to Pride Festival

Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz is an over imaginative group of musicians from various musical styles and backgrounds all coming together to develop a unique sound. Ethan Teasdale and Peach Fuzz spice up well known songs with elements of funk, mental, rock and punk so everything is always new. Peach fuzz are promoted by FReeZA.

Liv Roffey

Queer women in music. More details coming soon.