Best Venetian Mask Competition

 We will give you a stylish venetian full face masks for you to decorate. Use paint and paper to turn your mask into your fun alter ego. It’s just you and your ideas.



Best T-Shirt Message Award

Grab a free cool white cotton t shirt and write your own positive Pride messages on the front.











Pronoun Pins 

Write down your pronouns  she/her,  he/him,   they/them, and then  colour your letters and background. Make something spectacular about you.

Pride Cookies Decoration 

In Cockney rhyming slang to be ‘ginger’ or ‘ginger beer’ is to be queer. Baked Temptation have baked a whole community of ginger and vanilla people all ready for you to decorate. We have icing  in all the colours of the rainbow. All you have to do is decorate them and eat them…..yum.

Pride Creative Arts & Crafts

Use the arts materials to create your special artwork for the Pride website.

Produce amazing images of yourself or friends using our templates that will get you off to a good start.

Go Fun - Go Glamour - Go Bling

Use the free mask blank and then create your spectacular mask for the masked ball. Paint, texters and mask blank provided

Express your inner self with Pride

Hair & Makeup. Have a makeover with outstanding style. Use theatrical make up to present your inner self.

Phun Photos

Wear your costume, wear your mask, wear your make up and wear your attitude, and post it to our pride festival Gallery of Identities