Maryborough has a brand new community festival.  

  Pride Festival Maryborough 

                                                 ……….and you are invited

Pride Festival is a country fair with marquees, bunting and a brass band. Set on a Summer afternoon, this is a social date not to miss out on.

Saturday 28th January 2023

Mill House 

88-90 Burke St,



Located in the middle of our beautiful 

city, our venue is centrally located 

with great public  transport options




Pride is a Safe and Welcoming Space for all in our Community.

Pride Festival is funder by DFFH and CGSC

Pride Festival is               to enter and

is a day out for the whole community.

Best Venetian Mask Competition

 We will give you a stylish venetian full face masks for you to decorate. Use paint and paper to turn your mask into your fun alter ego. It’s just you and your ideas.



Best T-Shirt Message Award

Grab a free cool white cotton t shirt and write your own positive Pride messages on the front.











Pronoun Pins 

Write down your pronouns  she/her,  he/him,   they/them, and then  colour your letters and background   

Pride Cookies Decoration 

In Cockney rhyming slang to be ‘ginger’ or ‘ginger beer’ is to be queer. Baked Temptation have baked a whole community of ginger and vanilla people all ready for you to decorate. We have icing  in all the colours of the rainbow. All you have to do is decorate them and eat them…..yum.

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The Loui Froia Band 

Loui and his band will perform some of the bands successes such as Step Down 

Jungle City Projects Dance Troop

Experience some great dancing and join us as we celebrate community. Jungle City Dancers will show us some easy moves so we can all be part of the action.

Drag Queen Gabriella Labucci

Welcome the fabulous Gabriella Labucci to Pride Festival.  The drag diva on wheels with a hot set of pipes. The hair, the costumes, the  humour, the style ….the sex appeal…. it’s all going to be there at Pride in January.

Frank Bell

My pronouns are Rock 'n' Roll. Frank Bell is an extraordinary ball of chaotic energy... with a guitar. Frank will bring you a show that defies all expectation: flying fingers and a voice like velvet and gravel. Frank may have a pretty face, but don't let that fool you. Frank's mix of old school Blues, Folk, Rockabilly and Punk will have you crying, laughing and dancing all in one show.  

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Headspace and the team behind HEY are awesome! We are looking forward to a great display in their marquee. Make sure you visit them and listen in to their conversation in the entertainment marquee

KJ; best-selling author of sapphic fiction. 

KJ lives in Bendigo, Australia with her wife, their son, three cats and a dog. Her sapphic novels are all best-sellers. Her book, Ignis, won the 2022 Golden Crown Literary Award for romantic suspense sapphic fiction. KJ writes stories because her imagination takes the wheel. Permanently anxious and overly fond of her cats, KJ has been told that she's contagiously happy and rather funny. That last one is debatable.


Proud 2Play partner with some of the biggest State and National sporting organisations. Cricket Victoria, Football Victoria, Athetics Australia and Tennis as well as some major players in sport and health. Meet some of their representatives and find out how you can grow your club

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We have sensational Food Vans: 

        Aromatic Coffees

        Delicately spiced Curries

        Crunchy Tacos

        Delicious Vegan bowls

Trans & Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond

Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond are a peer led community group focused on improving health and wellbeing for the trans and gender diverse community through social support and activities that empower the trans and gender diverse community. This swap event enables the trans, gender diverse and allied communities to connect, socialise and explore their sense of self through clothing in a safe, supported environment. 

                            Rainbow Mocktail Slushies

                           RED Strawberry and Lime Moment

                               ORANGE Extravagant Ginger Ninja

                                   YELLOW… Virgin Pina Colada      

                                         GREEN.. My Appletini Dream

                                              BLUE …Blue Lagoon

                                                    INDIGO….Purple Hocus Pocus


••••Spectacular Closing Ceremony•••• 

4.00-6.00 pm Entertainment Marquee

4.00 Jungle City Projects   Engage your Sprit of Pride  

4.20 Maryborough Big Band  15 Mins

4.35 Local Band                               15 Mins

5.15 Louis Froia Band                  30 Mins

6.00pm Get together for last song and dance

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